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On the Mountain
written 1959, published 1989
with an afterword by the translator Sophie Wilkins.

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English translation by Michael Hoffmann 2008

First chapter at the NY Times.

"The Heart in Winter"
Christopher Benfey review in the NY Times Sunday Book Review

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The Lime Works

"Bernhard's prose is lapidary and translucent in its vocabulary, but sinuous and formidably dense in its phrasing. This prose enacts the essential motif of the novel: the notion that every 'correction' is also a negation . . . . The remarkable point is the extent to which the ascetic compactness of Bernhard's style turns these abstractions into a sensory presence . . . . [Bernhard's] connections, at once developmental and contrastive, with the great 'Austrian' constellation of Hofmannsthal, Kafka, Musil and Broch become ever clearer."
—George Steiner, Times Literary Supplement, f
rom the review that first brought Bernhard's name to prominence in the UK and US.

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Reconsidering Thomas Bernhard's Correction
by David Sepanik
Quarterly Conversation, Spring 2006


The Cheap-Eaters

Gathering Evidence

Five parts of a memoir, originally published individually, later collected into a single volume, reissued in March 2003.


Wittgenstein's Nephew

The Loser

The first part of Bernhard's trilogy of the arts, about music.

Cutting Timber: an Irritation

Second part of the arts trilogy,about the theatre; the title has also been rendered as Woodcutters.

Old Masters: a Comedy

The third part of the arts trilogy, about painting. It contains a famous extended attack on Heidegger, "that ridiculous Nazi philistine in plus-fours," reproduced here.


The Voice Imitator
Very short stories, 104 in as many pages.

Excerpts from
The Voice Imitator

A review of The Voice Imitator
in the NY Times
and at the
Review of Contemporary Fiction

Three Novellas
Amras, Playing Watten and Walking.
University of Chicago Press, 2003.

, originally published in 1971, was fairly recently published in translation by Conjunctions magazine, where an excerpt is available.

Review at Waggish of Walking, February 2003.


The Force of Habit. Transl. by Neville and Stephen Plaice (London: Heinemann
Performed at the National Theatre, London, in 1976.
Details of that production.
In 2006, an Italian production in Perugia.

The President. Transl. by Gitta Honegger (New York: Performing Arts Journal
Publications, 1982).

Eve of Retirement. Transl. by Gitta Honegger (New York: Performing Arts
Journal Publications, 1982).

Three of Bernhard's many plays: "A Party for Boris," "Ritter, Dene, Voss," and "Histrionics."
His last play, surrounded by controversy when it was condemned by former UN Secretary General, Austrian President, and Waffen SS Officer Kurt Waldheim; also published in Conjunctions, No. 33, Fall 1999, but the text in not on line. .


In Hora Mortis
translated by James Reidel.
Princeton University Press, 2006.

Interview with the translator James Reidel
at Mark Thwaite's Ready, Steady, Book

Review at The Complete Review

Publisher's page
-- Excerpts


The Lunatics     The Inmates
translated by James Reidel
Text at Conjunctions site
in English

in German

Books about Thomas Bernhard

Three-Part Inventions: The Novels of Thomas Bernhard
Thomas Cousineau. University of Delaware Press, 2008.

"A body needs at least three points of support, not in a straight line, to fix its position." -- Correction

Publisher's description

Available at Amazon

Thomas Bernhard: the Making of an Austrian
by Gitta Honnegger

Review from the Independent by Martin Chalmers, February 2002.
           at the New Criterion by Eric Ormsby, February 2003.
           at The Arts Fuse by Bill Marx.

The Novels of Thomas Bernhard: Form and Its Function
by J. J. Long

Review by Stephen Mitchelmore
of the Long and Honegger titles at Spike Magazine.
A Companion to the Works of Thomas Bernhard
Edited by Matthias Konzett

Thomas Bernhard Werkgeschichte
Jens Dittmar, editor
[in German]
A comprehensive listing of all of Bernhard's writings in chronological order with an extended bibliography and list of translations of his works, included here because of its usefulness to English readers.

L'Objecteur d'esprit Bernhard:
Une transformation

by Pierre Wolfcarius
[in French]
Forthcoming from Les Editions de l'Amandier, Paris, in 2011.

English description of the book from the author.

Thomas Bernhard Portraits: Bilder & Texte
[in German]
by Sepp Dreissinger
available at
Thomas Bernhard. Portraits. Bilder und Texte, edited by Sepp Dreissinger, with an introduction by Wieland Schmied, designed by Erika Schmied and Richard Pils, published in 1992 in an edition of 3333 copies, should not be left off a list even if it is essentially of English-language works. The publisher Richard Pils is owner of the small publishing house Verlag Bibliothek der Provinz located in Weitra, a town of 3000 in lower Austria, far from large cities. The location, an invitation to reflections about globalization and centralisation, explains the 'Provinz' of the name; Richard Pils chose 'Bibliothek' to emphasize that his publishing house was in fact no more than an expansion of his own library. Before meeting Richard Pils, the photographer, founding member (1981) of the Galerie Fotohof in Salzburg, who also edited the book, Sepp Dreissinger, had approached many publishers in both Austria and Germany in an effort to realize his idea of a true portrait of Thomas Bernhard, but in vain: no one was interested, a shocking fact to Richard Pils. In the end he and Sepp Dreissinger embarked upon the project, and after many difficulties and surprising turns of events both bad and good, created this fine book. [Anja Zeidler]

The photos Thomas Bernhard by Sepp Dreissinger enhance the pages of this site, each having a link to the photographer's site. We are grateful to have them, and repeated attempts to contact him through his web site to request permission have failed; messages have bounced from all five e-mail addresses on his site.

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